MicroCHAR® is a local product. The raw materials are by-products of agricultural production. The carbon is obtained by pyrolysis of biomass, ideally the residue after fermentation in a biogas plant. Organic nutrients are supplemented by livestock manure. Micro-organisms can also be cultivated on site. The only imported component is soil fungi.


The production is carried out by the farm, which is also the user of the fertiliser. The surplus is sold on the local market. Alternatively, production may be a joint investment of several farms. Such a model will not only allow the production of sustainable organic fertiliser at minimum cost, but also allow the use of agrochemicals to be phased out and soil fertility to be restored. As an added bonus, it will also remove CO2 emissions.


Example of the balance of annual MicroCHAR® production for a 1 MW biogas plant.

fermentation residue
2.500 tons
biochar produced
800 tons
poultry manure
300 tons
bacteria, fungi
10 tons
100 tons
120 tons
1,330 tons
fertiliser consumption
100-120 kg/ha
11 - 13 thousand ha
removal CO2 (PyCCS)*
2,800 tons
emission savings CO2 (replacement of agrochemicals)**
2,200 tons

* More information on Carbon Capture and storage

** LCA analysis of KARBOTECH