The basic element is carbon, obtained from the carbonisation of residual biomass. This is heated to 450 – 600 °C in a gasification reactor to convert it into stable black carbon. Organic nutrients from poultry manure and a mixture of soil bacteria and fungal spores are then gradually added. The prepared raw material is further granulated together with the binder into its final form.  

The production plant is ideally located on an agricultural site, preferably with a biogas plant. Biomass residues and, in particular, digestate will be used for carbon production. Farmers are thus both licensed producers and users of the fertiliser! 


Production line is going to be built in 2023 in Kardašova Řečice in an agricultural area.

For technology placement, we are going to use an existing hall. Organic fertilizer in the form of poultry droppings will be supplied from an adjacent chicken farm. Wood matter for carbon production is also supplied by a local company. Electricity comes from a biogas station.

Production line’s max capacity is set to 1.500 tons of fertilizer per year. That corresponds to local availability of material.

Two shift operation with seven workers.


The production of 1.500 tons of fertilizer per year is going to be applied on 15.000 of hectares of land. MicroCHAR® is organic fertilizer designated for use in ecological agriculture. In Czech Republic there is about 600.000 of hectares used for ecological farming. We can satisfy about 2.5% of it.

Interest in MicroCHAR® fertilizer has been showed by for example:

Producer of great organic tea, company SONNENTOR

Organic food producer PROBIO

Association of private agriculture

Traditional manifacturer of mycorrhizal fungi SYMBIOM.


Ing. Josef Cihlář

project manager, technologist

Ing. František Slabý

technologist, designer

Ing. Pavla Němcová

Head of the laboratory