MicroCHAR® as a system solution offers farmers a tool to effectively transit to sustainable and organic farming in accordance with the Carbon Farming principles, and independence on industrial fertilizers and agrochemicals. 
Farmers benefit from lower fertilizer costs and from additional payments for organic quality produce, and also from the sale of CDR certificates on voluntary markets, which will soon become part of the European carbon removal market under the CRFC framework.
MicroCHAR® brings innovative elements to agribusiness and brings back principles of common sense in farming.
Additionality is fulfilled during the production of biochar from fermentation residues, which prevents re-oxidation of biomass and therefore permanently removing (biogenic) carbon dioxide absorbed in biomass.
Financial additionality is supported by the necessity to obtain an additional support from selling CORC certificates, without it, the project would be economically unfeasible. At the same time, a BCR project with proven positive impacts and quality of certificates cannot be ruled out when similar projects are accepted. The reason for exclusion would have to be demonstrated.